How It Works


Exploratory Session

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

The Exploratory Session is the initial session. It allows for one to two hours of information gathering, for me as your coach, to fully understand what is keeping you from getting what you want. 

We begin the session by answering the most important, yet challenging, question to answer: What is it that you want? 

From there, we will travel down one of two paths for further exploration:

If you are clear as what you want, I will take you through a unique set of questions that pertain to what it is you want in order to set clear, specific goals to get you there.

Conversely,  if there is no specificity to what you want, we will analyze the different areas of your life, such as your self-care, relationships, career, spirituality, romance, etc. to understand where you feel is lacking. We  may identify a specific breakthrough necessary to make the change towards what you want or a specific goal you would like to work toward.


Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

 Following the Exploratory Session, we will work together to determine the frequency of sessions needed to work toward yours specific goal.

These regularly-scheduled sessions will include a variety of discussions and exercises to illuminate opportunities for personal development and progression toward your goal.

Homework is often assigned in between sessions,  as well as use of various tools to ensue accountability and focus. These may include, goal tracking sheets, lifestyle charts, problem solving worksheets, etc. 

While we may focus on one specific goal in one area of your life, you may begin to notice changes in other areas of your life. I call this the trickle affect.  

These sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance to allow me to properly prepare for each session. And, if needed, sessions must be rescheduled or cancelled 24 hours in advance. Sessions may be in-person in my home office or on-line via zoom call. 


Breakthrough Sessions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions

As I previously mentioned, upon our initial, exploratory session, we may identify a unique opportunity in the form of a breakthrough.

Oftentimes, I will identify a breakthrough that must occur in order to progress toward what you want. Breakthroughs may be characterized as a major discovery about oneself, or in some cases, an answer to a largely, unsolved problem. 

Breakthrough Sessions may vary in length (eight-10 hours) depending on the the work needed to make the breakthrough happen. I typically schedule Breakthrough Sessions in larger chunks of time in order to get there faster, i.e. two three-hour sessions for a six-hour breakthrough.

Breakthrough Sessions will include a number of unique, experiential exercises as well as written and verbal reflection. 

Similar to regular Coaching Sessions,  Breakthrough Sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance to allow me to properly prepare for each session.  Short breaks will be provided for sessions exceeding two hours.