Go(a)lden Workshops


Workshops Just For You

Whether you're looking to inspire change amongst your group of friends or team at work, I can bring workshops to any group setting - home, business, gym, cafe, etc.  

Workshop topics are fully customizable  to suit your groups' needs, including the topics listed on this page.  Click here to request a workshop of your own. 

Not ready to host your own? Find an upcoming workshop to attend  upcoming events page. 


The Goal Setting Party

New you? Let's party and set some goals. 


I will lead you through a unique, goal-setting experience. You'll uncover what it is you really want in your new year, and determine those specific goals as well as an action plan toward each individual goal. Then, I will share some a few tools and techniques to ensure you achieve them! Finally, you will plant these goals into your future so that they happen. 


The Go(a)lden Mindset

Are you stuck at a plateau? Are you making leaps and bounds,
but fear hitting a wall? Let's learn how to grow together.

In this brief, but action-packed, one-hour workshop you will learn to distinguish the fixed from the growth mindset, and understand which you specifically operate from. You will also get to participate in several strategy-building exercises. You will take home new tools for  life!

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