20 Things


You'll Love To Do...

My 'tool belt' or 'bag o' tricks' - I often reference them when talking to clients. It's my list of get to's (What's a get to?) that make me feel all warm and tingly inside. They are my quick fixes to happiness, my pick-me-ups. I'm excited to share them with you today! 

  1. Write - Journal, blog, write a poem, scribble your name (or his name) a few times. Let it out and let it flow. 
  2. Sleep - Not just any sleep, but good, deep sleep. When the mind is racing it's trying to tell you something, so give it a rest. Grab a 20-minute power nap, or an extra 30 minutes before your usual bed time. 
  3. Yoga - Hot Yoga to be specific. The heat is calming and soothing. it centers me. Focus on the feeling, and release the mind from activity for the duration of the practice. 
  4. Cook - Whip up something yummy! A craving, a new recipe, all-time favorite dish...something that soothes the soul and brings a smile to your face. 
  5. Meditate - Download the Insight Timer app. They have guided meditations as short as two minutes long. Don't knock it until you've tried it (And yes, I still dislike the word try).
    ...and click here to read numbers six through 15. 
  6. Herbal Supplements - My current cocktail consists of Turmeric, Ashwagandha and Magnesium. While I am not a huge fan of pill form because we do not absorb them quite as well as powder, or even better, cold-pressed powder, it’s a simpler efficient way to ensure I get what I need. Tumeric can also be used as a spice on most veggies and proteins, but is for my inflammation. My poor, sore muscles. I need my body to recover and work hard for me! Ashwaganda is for stress relief. I have a lot on my plate (Have you read my latest blog post?) and I want to ensure my Cortisol levels remain low, so I don’t have any ugly symptoms like restlessness or depression, as I have previously. Finally, Magnesium, to ensure I get my shut eye. It’s calms and relaxes me before bed time with just one scoop of powder mixed with water!
  7. Move Your Body - Move in a way that sets you free! High intensity or heavy weights, gymnastics, CrossFit, or Martial Arts. Whatever you love to do will work perfectly for you, I am sure of it. 
  8. Tea - A cup of chamomile, spiced chai or Yogi Stress Relief tea has incredibly calming powers. Add splash of regular, almond or coconut milk to melt you into the pillow at night, and I sleep like a baby.
  9. A Night Home Alone - They are magical, but always left for last sadly. It’s amazing what a few hours of solitude and absolute silence can do for the mind that is kept so busy throughout the day.
  10. Time with Family & Loved Ones - Quality time with those you love unconditionally. Making new memories, reminiscing old ones. Time spent together is the best recharge.
  11. Podcasts - Listen to what others have to say. Invite some perspective into your life. Find a topic that interests you. Or a story you’ve always wanted to be told. My favorite shows include that of Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Tony Robbins and The Good Life Project...just to name a few. 
  12. Go For Walk in Nature - beach, park, mountains. Stare out into the abyss, and get lost in nature.
  13. Read - Get lost in a story, fictional or factual, and shift all of your energy and focus toward just that.
  14. Take a Bath or Shower - This time spent alone is almost meditative, or just really is. The silence and stillness combined with the sound of running water, clears the mind of all it’s thoughts and feelings.
  15. Glass of Red Wine - No explanation needed.
  16. Buy Something New - One cannot underestimate the enthused feeling that a purchase can entice. So, if you’re thinking about it, just get it.
  17. A Night Away - Take a last minute trip to see someone you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t. Or drop everything and drive across the country. Give your physical body the physical space it deserves. Space from the routine busy-ness we create in our life. Install some peace and clarity with a vacation.
  18. Create Connection - Get out there and meet someone. Say hello, dive in head first and learn their why. Get inspired.
  19. Adventure - Climb, Swim, Bike, Hike, Run, Jump, Ski. Explore the world around you, and seek out the thrill you so desire. Choose a weekday lunchtime to get it done. Why then? Why not. 
  20. Dance - Feel music in the deepest part of you. Find a club or a class near you, and do it.